About Us

Calmura Natural Walls Inc. is a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC with a bold vision to change the way walls are built.

We believe that to create truly sustainable buildings, they need to have low energy requirements, zero or negative carbon-footprints, and be extremely resilient in the face of climate change.


We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs working to build a better world by modernizing the most sustainable building methods, based off the oldest known structures on the planet. Unable to find the kinds of building materials on the market with which we would like to build, we created our vision and venture in the spring of 2016, and have been working persistently to bring our vision to life.


Calmura Natural Walls is a leader in a quickly expanding area of building materials manufactured using only natural, non-toxic elements. Trends in consumer spending indicate desires for healthier, better performing and sustainable materials to be used in peoples’ homes and buildings. A few companies have recognized this and are starting to address the dearth of supply that we are seeing in the market. Without the healthy materials and solutions available to work with, builders are forced to continue using the same poor materials that have become common in the past 100 years.


Current North American construction methods use products with many chemicals and toxins in an effort to reduce costs and supposedly increase building speed. But using these poor-quality materials is leading to poor indoor-air-quality due to off-gassing of petrochemicals, fire-retardants, formaldehydes and up to 16,000 other non-controlled “chemicals of concern”, as well as health and asthma issues from black mould and mildew. Considering people tend to spend a large majority of their time indoors (90% or more), extensive health and productivity problems are occurring from chemical-overburdening, not to mention buildings that end up requiring more remediation and earlier replacement.


Our goal is to provide products to build the most sustainable buildings on the planet, using the materials that nature provides in abundance. Our focus is on local: Using the most local materials that can be factory-produced in regional production facilities to create economic benefits, jobs and the most suitable building materials for the local climate. Calmura Natural Walls incorporated with benefit-corporation considerations, where we regard the importance of planet and people, along with profits. We envision a time where the riches of the environment and diverse cultures are treasured as highly as other “valuables”.

Goals of Calmura include supporting the UN-SDGs and attaining B-Corp certification